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:Hello my dears, if something gets complicated or whatever you can write me here.  Also, dear folks from the USA, due to your new Trumplaws since march 2020 we only can send packages via priority express, wich is very very expensive. So maybe you can organize a collected order, just let me know here as well. If you are from the USA, and want a zokishirt,  i will connect you all...well, lets try.  This is a very limited number of stuff , so, if there is a big run on it, please wait until i have printed more. I am not a t-shirt seller, i am just a director. I will let you know. 

My dear russian friends :

В России у меня другая цена и почтовые расходы.  

Напишите Ваши пожелания, Ваш размер, Ваш адрес проживания мне на почту

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